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Verbal Identity

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Logo Animation

Times have changed but banking hasn’t. The way we manage our money needs an update. It’s time to make the world of finance simpler, smarter and fit for modern life. It’s time to say goodbye to the old. And say hello to Hay.

In 2019, we were approached to name and brand Australia’s newest neobank. Working with strategic brand positioning developed by the internal team, Hay said hello in 2020.

Hay is the newest addition in an industry disrupting the finance and banking world, helping Australians to rethink the way they manage their money. At the centre of the identity is a simple, colourful logomark that incorporates an exclamation mark, nodding to the energy of the name and the brand’s attitude. We also developed a comprehensive visual, verbal and motion identity system that reveals itself through simple touches of movement that capture the energy and enthusiasm Hay brings to the market.

The result is a bold, unique visual and verbal identity that flexes across their app, merchandise, national campaigns and in the hands of their users every day.

“Christopher Doyle & Co.’s understanding of commercial strategy and the team’s experience delivering considerate, beautifully designed and highly awarded work across small brands to national digital product businesses allowed us to confidently put our brand in their hands. During the exploration, design and delivery phases CD&Co involved themselves in getting to know our business from the inside out and provided a collaborative process that we believe only they can offer. The energy and service in which the CD&Co team do their job daily was in turn inspirational to our team.” Alex Lloyd Chief Brand and Marketing Officer