Christopher Doyle & Co.

Steep St.

Steep St. is a concept space focusing on the symbiosis and connection between art, tea, plants, and music in the Blue Mountains, Sydney.

Items within the space are linked by biometric feedback sensors that convert their electrical pulses into sound through synthesisers. Customers are able to interact directly with the store itself by manipulating projections with video synthesisers.

We were engaged to create a flexible identity system that could be adapted to promote the owners’ art practice, the retail offer, and live music events. The name references both the hills of New South Wales’ Blue Mountains region and the process of steeping tea.

The wordmark, based around the ideas symbiosis and connection, blends the two words within the name while also visually referencing the steep streets of the Blue Mountains. We also created a set of four icons that form a modular, flexible visual system. Each icon represents one of the store’s core offers – art, tea, plants, and music.

The result is a playful, organic identity that can respond, shift, and adapt to a variety of experimental products, events and practices.