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The Institute of Many

Brand Identity

The Institute of Many (TIM) is an advocacy platform, grassroots movement and peer support service for People Living with HIV. Since TIM’s conception in 2013, they have quickly grown to be the largest grassroots movement in the Australian HIV response. Their advocacy and activism has played a large role in changing the way Australia talks about HIV, and the way People Living with HIV feel about themselves.

In 2018, we worked with founder Nic Holas on TIM’s first rebrand since the group began. With a powerful history of advocacy and protest, language has always been an intrinsic part of the HIV response. To help deliver The Institute of Many’s witty yet vital messaging, we developed the TIM trademark. This simple device means TIM can visually own their language and message, while reinforcing the role they play in the HIV response.

The result is an energetic, verbally-led brand that acknowledges the history of HIV activism, while promoting a positive and energetic vision for the future. The new identity gives TIM a platform for their message to be seen and heard.