Christopher Doyle & Co.


The Jezabels


Since The Jezabels’ inception we have been responsible for the creative direction, photography and design of all their releases.

The Man Is Dead, their debut and the first in a trilogy of EPs, was the studio’s first collaboration with the band and in many ways it set the tone for future releases.

Following two subsequent EPs the band released their Aria Award winning debut full-length album, Prisoner.

Based around the idea of disrupted freedom, we created a visual language that mirrored the powerful, dramatic and expansive music it was packaging. We commissioned Pierre Toussaint to shoot a series of desolate Australian landscapes on medium format film. The results were set of stark images that were then interrupted and ruined—an exploration into the beautiful, bleak and broken.

The band’s second full length album, The Brink, debuted at No.2 on the ARIA charts, confirming the group’s status as one of the country’s most successful young bands, and contributing to a growing international fan base. With the exception of subtle typography the artwork is made up entirely of the work of Polish artist Jarek Puczel. Puczel’s work possesses both dark and abstract qualities, as well as a lightness and romance, making it a perfect visual match for this dynamic and passionate band.