Christopher Doyle & Co.

What we don’t

Sleep well. Drink scotch. Call home enough. Keep receipts. Tread carefully in the rain. Dream much. Put knives in toasters. Remember anything from below the age of 7. Think peanut butter goes with celery. Wash whites and colours together. Repeat ourselves. Allow 30 minutes after eating before swimming. Take many long walks. Wear speedos at the beach. Enjoy flying. Fall gracefully. Cope well in the dark. Split bills. Free pitch. Jump queues. Bake. Stretch before exercising. Believe in ghosts. Skip. Go chasing waterfalls. Run in public. Like camping. Go to galleries often enough. Know how to whistle with two fingers. Enjoy roller coasters. Knit. Understand how or why pork gets pulled. Smoke. Stretch after exercising. Dance much. Do shots. Ever regret Mexican food. Visit the dentist regularly. Take sugar. Understand the rules of Deal or No Deal. Suffer fools. Want fries with that. Get leg room. Feel enough people have watched Search Party. Like peas. Repeat ourselves. Settle. Steal.